As With Everything In My Life

One thing I have been asked over the years when I mentioned I want children was “Is your blindness inherited?”…No it isn’t.  Another of the assumptions someone said to me once was something along the lines of, “You will need 24-7 help if you have children”.  Again, no I won’t, and no I don’t.  It made me laugh, and still does now, how people think that just because someone has a disability, doesn’t mean they won’t be able to cope with becoming a parent.  From my own personal experience, I’ve delt with many challenges in my life, and becoming a parent is one I’ve welcomed with open arms.  I’ve approached it like every other challenge I’ve had in my life-head on with determination.

As part of my preparation, I went over to a friend’s house during my pregnancy and helped out with their baby, helping to feed, change and bath him.  I even managed to pick him up and carry him the short distance to his cot.  I know that might seem trivial to a lot of people, but it was a big thing for me.  Each time I learned a new skill, I grew with confidence.  I also did a free course through Hadley School For The Blind in America.  There are three courses, and I have done the first one.  the link is

For me, it was important to be prepared for the arrival of our daughter quite a few months in advance.  I counted down the days until her arrival-more about that in another post.  A final note before I sign off-planning and preparation are the keys :).

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