Kitchen Gagits I Wouldn’t Be Without

Someone called me “The Gagit Queen” once, and I must admit I do love gagits, especially kitchen ones :).  A lot of them I saw on TV, like The Nicer Dicer Plus, The One Touch Potato Peeler, and The Tefal Minute Cook which is basicly an electric pressure cooker that has three big buttons on it which is easy for me to remember.

I love my one touch potato peeler because it is battery operated, and I just have to press a button and I can peel a potato in maybe a minute compared to longer than that using a normal potato peeler.  My nicer dicer plus is wonderful too because you can chop veges and fruit in multiple ways without the risk of cutting your fingers (the blades are sharp though, so I have to be careful putting them in and taking them out-they do have safety guards on them when not in use).  I’m thinking of using it to help make my own solids for Ella :).  The Nicer Dicer Plus also has a cheese grater attachment :).

My slow cooker is one of my best kitchen friends because I can put a meal on in the morning and just leave it.  I have a couple of slow cooker books in Braille, and I use the Maggi and Mccormic packet mixes (thanks guys! :)).  So sorry for the incorrect spelling.  I also find a wonderful resource for recipes too because I can navigate it easily :).  I have quite a few cooking books in Braille too :).

So there are just some of the kitchen gagits I wouldn’t be without.  I hope to upload some videos soon which will show you more about how my kitchen is set up, and I think I will make a meal from start to finish too! :).

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