Life After Yannie

So after my last post, where I ranted about what’s the point in having a guide dog if I had to take her and the baby out separately, I made the difficult decision to retire Yannie.  She was my guide dog for six years, and is now officially retired, and I have her guide dog medallion as a momento.  I said goodbye to her this Thursday just gone.  It was a tearful goodbye, but I know I did the right thing for her.  Yannie will get a lot more walks than I could give her and she will be happy in her new home, wherever that may be (I haven’t heard yet).  I keep looking for her.  I will be 30 at the end of this month, and I have had guide dogs for half my life almost (I realised that the other day).

So what will life look like without Yannie?  Well it’s back to the cane for the next few years, until I am ready to go on the waiting list for another guide dog.  The instructor said it will take them at least a year to find a suitable match for me.  I will apply when Ella is up and walking.  Hello white cane, I have to get used to taking you out again.  Yes you take less looking after than a guide dog, and I have to keep my cane skills up if I want to get another guide dog, but it is quite stressful when you are relying on yourself, and a white cane to keep you safe.  Oh well I will cope, just as I do with every situation in my life past and present.

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