Homemade Is The Best

Quite a bit has happened since my last post.  I have started making Ella’s solids-it’s amazing how just a few dollars spent on fruit and vegetables can make around 20 meals, which lasts quite a few days.  I try to make them every week so I don’t run out.  I have also started slowly introducing Ella to what we eat.  One of the meals I made gave her three meals-one for dinner that night, and two for the next day.

I plan to make as much as I can this year in terms of sauces, jams etc, and maybe even my own cleaning products if I have time.  There is always Ecostore which I use for my laundrey and dishwashing needs :).  I also plan to read Tim Ferris’s books The Four Hour Work Week, The Four Hour Chef and The Four Hour Body this year and put what I learn into practise.  I am going to work smarter not harder, because working harder is exhausting lol.  I always think Homemade is the best if one can manage it :).


I have been able to put Ella in her little chair and feed her some breakfast by myself, and an unflavoured rice cracker or two.  I have also managed to bathe her by myself too, which is a big step for me.  I know some people that don’t know me might think half this stuff I am just managing to do with Ella now is trivial, but not to me it isn’t.  The next step is to take Ella out for a short walk by myself in a backpack with my cane, and don’t even try to throw a bucket of cold water over it.

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