From Then And Now To Why And How

So I said in one of my earlier posts, that I would talk about Ella’s birth in another post.  Well here goes.

My pregnancy was normal up until week 36-37 when things started to go a bit wrong-mild preeclampsia.  As a result I had to be induced at 38 weeks.  People say induction is horrible-well it is, and you try and avoid it at all costs, but it wasn’t to be for me.  I was in labour for 37 hours, had an epidural which didn’t work, Ella got stuck and it ended in an emergency caesarean and Ella not breathing after she came out.  She was taken to NICU and I didn’t get to see her for a couple of hours.

After that experience, I won’t be having any more babies.

Ella is having therapy and she is doing really well-she is slightly behind where she should be, but she will get there.

I know what happened at the birth wasn’t my fault, logicly anyway.  Maybe if I hadn’t have had the epidural and was able to get up and move around, then maybe she wouldn’t have got stuck.  She wouldn’t be in therapy now either if things had gone the way they were supposed to.  Or maybe I was just too small in the pelvis.  We will never know now.

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