From A Four-Legged Friend, To A Cane I Now Depend

So I said goodbye to Yannie just over three months ago.  I still miss her, and probably always will.  I still miss Iona, who was my first guide dog-she has been dead just over four years now.

So I have gone from a four-legged friend, to a cane and my skill in using it on which I now depend.  I make a mistake and get hurt-well cars and other pedestrians should be watching out for me, but the bottom line is, my safety is my responsibility alone.  Mine and Ella’s safety will come into it eventually as well, once I get the confidence to be able to take the two of us out alone, like in my opinion, me as a “proper Mum” should be able to.

So guess what?  I’ve traded in one mobility aid for another, and the result so far?  I have learned one route and am able to do it solo, yay.  Also, learning a route with a guide dog verses a cane is very different-you get to know your environment very well-each bump in the footpath, making sure you follow the grass verges so you don’t miss your corner, oh and that I am actually really rubbish at trying to judge how far cars are away from me, so I shouldn’t even bother trying.  With a guide dog, they are trained to take you around obsticles, so the pressure is at least half off you-it’s teamwork-something I am missing with the cane-it isn’t a friend, just a means to an end.

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