On Reflection

So Ella is now 13 months; where did that time go?  It feels like yesterday I was holding her in my arms for the first time.  She is very mobile now and into everything, oh and she doesn’t like the word “No” when she opens drawers and pulls out her clothes.  Ella loves to chase our cat, and gets very excited when she sees her; it’s “At” for cat.  The cat doesn’t like her tail being pulled, but she doesn’t exactly get out of the way to avoid Ella either.  Ella loves to sing Row Row Your Boat and ABC.  She’s a great little eater too :).


I think the biggest adjustment I’ve had to deal with in the last few months is giving Yannie a new home.  I hadn’t planned for it while I was pregnant, and nor did I see it coming back then either.  I know it’s probably a stupid analogy, but a family doesn’t always have to change their car because it doesn’t suit the family any more, and nor would they have the attachment to the car that one has with their guide dog-they are part of the family.


Yannie has a good life; she lives in a rural setting with dairy farms all around, she gets to hang out in a bird avery, she gets toast with marmite for breakfast, a gingernut for afternoon tea, she has a couple and their family who love her very much and who walk her everyday :).


I am no better off independencewise now with the cane than when I couldn’t work Yannie in the end because I still can’t take Ella out by myself without anyone else there.  In fact, I practised my cane skills on a route the other day while the person with me pushed Ella in the pushchair, and I couldn’t really enjoy the walk because I had to concentrate on what I was doing; I might as well have been doing the route on my own with the cane and a million miles away; I couldn’t have felt more alone as I did then if I tried.  The only walks I enjoy now are the ones where I am right next to the pushchair and I don’t have my cane with me.


I will be applying for a new guide dog next year, so I know I have to keep up my cane skills in order to have the best chance, and I will do that.

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