A Letter To Guide Dog Number Three

To Guide Dog Number Three,

I shall call you my mystery dog for now, as I know nothing about you, and I know I love you before I’ve met you (sorry, had to bust out that song from Savage Garden).


I am not even on the waiting list yet!  The instructors have their work cut out for them, and they will have to do an assessment to make sure you’re the right dog for me.  I hope you’re ready for what’s to come and who you’ll meet!  There is my husband, and my full on toddler who will want to chase you and vise verser in fun, and maybe even pull some of your fur out.  She will laugh at you just playing with your toys, which is adorable to watch, and follow us everywhere.  Eventually she will be attached to you and I, and we will then have the big responsibility of keeping us all safe.  We also have a cat called Delilah (she has an attitude), who won’t welcome you warmly at first, but I’m sure you two will become good friends.


There will be many other people whom you will meet on our personal and professional journeys together.  You will be there for Ella’s first day of kindergarten, her first day of school, and many other adventures I have no idea about yet.


Rest assured you will be well loved!  I will have waited maybe two years by the time you come to me, my mystery dog, and that is a long time to wait, considering I have had two dogs before you, for pretty mmuch half my life (15 years).  I am waiting with open arms and an open heart!


Till then,


Lots of love xxxooo

One thought on “A Letter To Guide Dog Number Three”

  1. Jess, I loved reading this post. For the last year I have been raising a pup for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. He will be going back for guide dog training in a couple months. I hope his partner is, like you, waiting for him and already loving him. It makes his leaving easier.

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