From Frustration And Feeling Disilusioned, To Problembs With Solutions

I have been tooing and frowing since my last blog post about whether or not to apply for a new guide dog when I got back from my holiday in the UK in July.  About two weeks ago, on a day where I wasn’t feeling great, I decided there was no point in applying for a new guide dog then because I don’t have the work for it.


Since then, I have had a change of heart and have decided that actually, this can and will work, if I put the work and effort in to learning two or three routes with my cane, which I will know when it comes to teaching the new dog :).  I have made a plan to practise one route every week and make that a priority, so I feel confident when the new dog arrives.  Next week’s route will be the same as yesterday’s one (down to the shops), crossing over at the pedestrian crossing with lights, instead of the alternatives which aren’t that safe in my opinion.  To motivate me and make it even more fun, Ella will be right behind me in the stroller, and that’s all I need (to know that she’s there and that I am not alone).  I felt accomplished after yesterday’s outing :).


I have also started to make up a meal plan so we know what we will be having for dinner each night (there will be some flexibility in this of course, ie leftovers), but if I can make a list of some meals I know and rotate them each week, that will make me feel better too :).


Until the next blog post, God Bless 🙂

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