It’s Been A While

Hello everyone,


I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted; it’s been seven months and two days to be exact.  A lot has happened in that time, and all of it very positive.


The first positive change is that Ella no longer needs any more therapy, which I am so ecstatic and relieved about.  Now I can just be her Mum without having to look over my shoulder, waiting for something else to be wrong.  On that note, a message to any future professionals who work with my daughter and I: please consult me first when it comes to things to do with my daughter, oh and “no” means exactly that.  The therapy has been well worth it though and Ella is doing amazingly.


I applied for a new guide dog in May/June, and have been on the waiting list since June.  I want a dog that is like both my previous two guide dogs; Iona was calm and placid and that one in a million dog whom everybody wanted.  She had wisdom well beyond her years I felt.  Yannie was an anxious girl, but at the same time she was assertive when it came to knowing her routes; if I went the wrong way, she would get me back on track.  A labridor golden retriever mix sounds like a good plan.  Fingers crossed for the final matching meeting for the year which is next week; I hope to have an early Christmas present :).


The trip away to the UK to see family in July was challenging and great at the same time.  We stopped in Malaysia on the way to, and on the way back from England to break up the trip.  I really liked KL; it was so hot, full of people, and there was so much traffic it wasn’t funny, but I definitely would go back there again.  On our bus tour of the city, we passed the Special school for the blind, but there were no people who were blind or visually impaired out and about, accept me lol.  I think pedestrian crossings are just a thing; they certainly aren’t what they are here, ie, you give pedestrians the right of way, not over there.  It’s everyone for themselves it would seem.  There is no benefit system over in KL either it would seem.  I find KL charming, romantic and elegant all at the same time.  Romantic in that you didn’t have to have much to be happy, and charming and elegant in the oldy-worldy part of the city in amongst the modern highrise buildings, and what about the Petrona Towers?  It was amazing to stand in front of them after watching them being built on the programme Megga Structures :).


The highlight of my trip to Malaysia was going to the aquarium, and one of the workers allowed me to touch some of the sealife, such as a horse shoe crab, a sea cucumber, and a banded shark.  That meant so much to me and I was very appreciative; I couldn’tthank him enough.


Seeing family and friends in England was great; they fell in love with Ella and she them.  this month long trip was I think the best thing we could’ve done for Ella; she is a very different child now than before the trip.  She is talking up a storm now and is a very inquisitive, observant little girl who loves to learn new things :).  I love her so much.


We are nearly at the end of the year, but I am still working on some projects; I hope o tell you more about them in the next blog post, which won’t be seven months away, I promise!

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